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More insights

Women…Is it Time to Put Down the Mask?

It might be the answer to your happiness. Do you know who you are?  Really know?  You can imagine for a moment that you are composed of many different personality parts that make up the totality of who you are.  Some of these parts are serving you and some are forgotten.   Some are running the […]

Want to Create a Marriage That Your Friends Envy?

This Could Be You! How many people do you know that are in amazing marriages where they feel totally connected to their partners?  I have seen the data, and done the surveys myself, and the picture isn’t pretty. Very few people are in truly happy, loving, committed, and deeply connected relationships.  Why? Based on my […]

Is Father’s Day Important to Men?

It’s Show Your Man Some Appreciation Day Men want to be appreciated more than you think.  Father’s day by itself is not really a big deal for most men if you ask us.  However we are men, so don’t expect us to talk much about what we need, or how we feel about our needs.  […]

Are You Losing Your Relationship?

Here’s how it happens… Relationships are lost the easy way.  It’s easy to neglect your partner.  It’s easy to make anything else more important than your relationship.  It’s easy to forget it’s not always about you.  It’s easy to take it all for granted. The reality of break up and divorce is not easy. The […]

Is Your Mobile Device Slowly Sucking the Life From You?

You Will Never Get a Moment of Your Precious Time Back  Recently I wrote a blog on the impact of texting on relationships, and it quickly became popular.  It might have been the tip of the iceberg.  I continuously hear about the challenges that clients face in keeping up with the demands of technology, and […]

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