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Are You Unhappy and Don’t Know What to Do?

4 Ways to Do Happiness So what is happiness anyway?  We always know when we feel it, and we sure know when it’s missing.  When was the last time you felt totally happy?   As you remember now, were you smiling a lot, were you laughing, did you feel light inside, were your eyes sparkling? But […]

Are You Feeling Stuck?

Want to Breakout and Crush Your Limits? How do you know what is really possible in your life?  Most of us get into a comfort zone where things are Ok.  The job is ok, the relationship is ok, and overall things are just ok.  But the level of happiness is only Ok.  Life is not […]

A Valentine’s Day Message

Looking for Love from Your Partner? Historically Valentine’s Day was a day to express your love and celebrate the spirit of love that dates back to 496 AD.  Today it looks a little different.  It has become a commercialized version of love that is expressed in the gestures of standardized greeting cards, chocolates, flowers, obligatory […]

Break Your Own Rules

Your Rules have consequences. We all have certain rules that run our lives. These rules dictate whether or not we can feel happy, or successful, or even loved. Some of these rules are designed for us to fail and we don’t even know it.  Often we have unconsciously adopted rules that even make us feel […]

Chicks Are Serious Business

Is something holding you back? Is it possible that something can impact you so deeply that you change your life instantly forever? Maybe even in the context of a normal conversation? It happened to me with 4 words. Can you take something that you are motivated about and committed to, and transfer that into an […]

5 Strategies For Creating Extraordinary Relationships

Do you know how to create an extraordinary, passionate, and loving relationship? It’s no secret that intimate relationships are the cause of more pain and more pleasure than any other area in our lives. Romance, love and passion are all powerful forces. They pull us in. Yet, they can turn our world upside down, leaving […]

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