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Couples Relationship Immersion Coaching

Coaching for Couples – This is the most effective approach to repairing unhappy marriages. Both you and your partner will have Jeff’s personal guidance in person or by Skype, in a combination of couple’s coaching consultations, as well as individual consults.

Jeff has found that a combination of individual and joint conversations works best to resolve the real issues that drive couples apart. Every individual partner conversation is kept confidential, so the real issues are easily disclosed.

This is the ideal approach when people want to achieve results quickly.

Both you and your partner will learn step by step how to:

1. Stop the Decline of your Relationship.

2. Stabilize and Increase the Feelings of Connection between you both.

3. Interact and Respond with your partner to address the Real Issues

4. Quickly resolve Past issues that interfere with your success.

Jeff will recommend a process that includes a combination of couples coaching consultations and individual consults, with ongoing email support and follow-up.

This results-focused process is particularly effective for committed couples. Even the most difficult relationship challenges, including couples on the edge of divorce have been completely turned around with Jeff’s help.

Now you can learn how to create a happy, loving, passionate marriage.
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There is no reason to continue to struggle when there are things you can easily learn that will work right away.

All of our Relationship Immersion Coaching Services are based on the Rising Love Marriage Repair Process and focused on immediate solutions for every relationship challenge you might have.

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