Relationship Immersion Coaching

Individual Relationship Immersion Coaching

Coaching for individuals – Get Jeff’s unique perspective and expertise to guide you through any relationship challenge.
Jeff works with people in person, and by Skype in counties all over the world.

You will learn step by step how to:

1. Stop the Decline of your Relationship.

2. Stabilize and Increase the Feelings of Connection between you and your partner.

3. Interact and Respond with your partner to address the Real Issues

4. Quickly resolve Past issues that interfere with your success.

With Jeff’s help people have completely transformed their marriages without their partner’s participation in the process.
When you work with Jeff you will have one on one coaching consultations, as well as ongoing email support for follow-up and accountability.

Some reasons people seek individual support; personal preference, situational demands, confusion, a need for clarity about another person, or the relationship, past issue that needs to be resolved, reconnecting with an ex, and whether to divorce or not, etc…

Frequently one person alone is able to shift the entire marriage with Jeff’s help.

This requires a high level of your personal commitment. And your partner must at least be open to reconnecting with you.

Talk with Jeff.

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There is no reason to continue to struggle when there are things you can easily learn that will work right away.

All of our Relationship Immersion Coaching Services are based on the Rising Love Marriage Repair Process and focused on immediate solutions for every relationship challenge you might have.

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