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The 90 Minute Marriage Miracle

Do you want a happier, more fulfilling marriage?
This book is the ultimate guide for a lifetime of happiness together.
You’ll get answers for every marriage challenge including how to:
• Resolve Conflicts and Remove Stress
• Improve Communication and Closeness
• Restore Trust and Prevent Affairs
• Rekindle Passion and Intimacy
• Deepen Connection and Feelings of Togetherness
• Meet Each Other’s Needs for a Happier Life
• Prevent Divorce and Separation

You’ll learn exactly what to do from the many true client and personal stories. You’ll get answers that you can put to use today, to create a happier life with each other.
This book is filled with the most immediately impactful advice you’ll read. Get your copy today and use it to transform your marriage.

Be Happy Forever

Get immediate answers to let go of; anxiety, stress, sadness, anger, overwhelm, fear and much more in this transformational book. You’ll lean the most effective tools to clear out negative emotions and to increase your happiness.

Be Happy Forever, takes in into the heart of The Magenta Process, an inspirational way to create your own emotional well-being, and personal empowerment. You’ll learn access points to remove stubborn emotional blocks, and eliminate cycling of negative emotions. And you’ll get real answers to take control of your emotional life for good.

Be Happy Forever, may be the most important book you’ll ever read. Give yourself this gift today.

The Best Dating Guide For Everyone

Smart dating success tips, and immediate answers.

The Accelerated Healing of Chronic Illness

Including Lyme Disease and Cancer

Are you ready to open your mind to your own true healing potential?

This book will take you into the heart of The Magenta System, with access points and ideas to help you accelerate your own healing recovery.

You’ll learn step-by-step what I did to heal myself from years of undiagnosed chronic Lyme Disease, and make a full recovery.
You’ll get insights to the exact tools and strategies that I found the most useful to recover my health.

You’ll gain an understanding of how to access the most powerful mindset to begin to shift the odds in your favor.
You’ll feel empowered knowing how to evaluate every phase of your healing recovery.

Get you copy today, and learn how critically important your role is, in making a full recovery of your health and vitality.

90 Minutos Milagre no Casamento

Esse livro é chamado O Milagre do Casamento em 90-Minutos porque eu ajudei a transformar casamentos à beira do divórcio de volta ao amor nesses breves noventa minutos, e nenhum dos cônjuges pensou que isso era possível. Também se chama O Milagre do Casamento em 90-Minutos porque em, por volta de 90 minutos, você irá aprender exatamente o que fazer para que o amor dure no seu relacionamen-to íntimo. Os mais impactantes de todos os segredos de sucesso do relacionamento que eu usei estão bem aqui. Você irá achar esse livro incrivelmente útil e compreensível como um guia para o sucesso no seu casamento.

Un Milagro en tu Matrimonio en 90 Minutos

He titulado este libro: 90 Minutos para Crear un Milagro en tu Matri-monio, porque he ayudado matrimonios que han estado al borde del un divorcio, para devolverles el amor en 90 minutos, aún cuando ninguna
de las dos partes pensó que era posible. También porque en 90 minutos puedes aprender exactamente lo que necesitas para que el amor perdure en tu relación de pareja. Los secretos más impactantes en toda relación
utilizados en mi práctica están ahora en tus manos. Encontrarás que este libro es increíblemente útil y fácil de entender, es una guía excelente para alcanzar éxito en tu matrimonio.

Спасти отношения за 90 МИНУТ

Эта книга называется «Спасти брак за 90 минут», потому что имен-но столько времени мне потребовалось, чтобы спасти не один брак и вернуть в него любовь. Клиентам кажется невероятным, но это работает. Всего за 90 минут Вы узнаете, как вернуть в Ваши отно-шения любовь и понимание. Здесь собраны наиболее эффективные секреты успешных отношений. Эта книга будет Вашим путеводи-телем по созданию успешной семьи.

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