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More insights

Finally Having the Happy Marriage Money Could Never Buy

High levels of career success and financial abundance without a fulfilling relationship equals emptiness. My phone rings…it’s a call from another wealthy couple who has the physical trimmings of high levels of success, but finds themselves coming up empty in love. Sometimes it’s their first marriage, often it’s their second…

Why Working on Communication is a Waste of Time

People are great at relationship destruction; they do and say things to each other that they would never do to their best friends. Working on communication issues is an ongoing distraction and a smokescreen that keeps people from addressing the bigger core issues that exist in the relationship. In my…

You Can Eliminate Your Relationship Stress….

Some people don’t want to eliminate Relationship Stress. Sometimes it’s easier to just have the status quo than it is to imagine that you could be happier and in a significantly more loving, fulfilling marriage. There are so many reasons not to change anything… It might sound like a good…

The Real Reason Men Cheat

It’s the little things that we fail to do that devastate the relationship drip by poisonous drip. Benign neglect is everywhere. Is it because men think about sex 19x a day and just want someone to do it with? – No! Men do think about sex more than women, but…

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