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THIS Must Happen if You Want Fulfilling Love

Being married should never be the goal. Staying married should never be the goal. WHY? It’s the wrong target to aim for, and will never bring you happiness. You might marry the wrong person just to become married. But as you know, you won’t find happiness with the wrong person. *People might stay together unhappily […]

The Measure of Love You Feel

Marriage can be a funny thing. It’s never really what people expect it to be. For most it’s something less. Those unmet expectations….The disappointment can be devastating. The most common complaint I hear is:“I love them but I’m no longer in love with them. “ That’s a surprisingly easy problem to solve. In my experience […]

THIS is the Truth About Marriage and Divorce

Any marriage can be turned around. Unless one of you doesn’t want that to happen.   There are only things that get in the way, and there are things that need to be learned.   Understanding what they are, and being willing to make the behavioral adjustments is all that’s ever needed.   Nothing else […]

No Marriage is a 50-50 Equal Partnership

Maybe you’ve been led to believe that a good marriage is a 50% – 50% partnership. It’s not true. In fact, no partnership is really ever 50%-50% I’ve been in several partnerships in my business career and worked to resolve dozens of business partner conflicts. Here’s what I experienced: • Someone is always doing a […]

Do You Really Care Enough?

Many couples go through the motions of caring for each other.   Do you care for your partner but give less than you used to?    It’s not that you’re neglecting each other, ti’s more of a superficial caring kind of thing. Plus your both really busy.,. Lots to do.   I see this often in couples I […]

The Marriage Myth; Being Loved is Not Enough

There is a deep longing we all share;  to matter. Who will we matter to? My wife says she loves me. That’s important. However…, To be recognized for what I bring into the relationship, To feel valued, To be acknowledged for what I give. To be given credit where due, And to feel appreciated, is […]

Maintaining the Passionless Marriage

Your desire for each other mutes or exaggerates most challenges.  You are the only one who can decide the level of love and intimacy that is fulfilling for you. 1st, Let’s understand that passion for your partner doesn’t have to naturally decline. I know this to be personally true after 19 years with my wife. […]

Why Good People Cheat

You know that both men and women are cheating at about the same rates today.  And you also know that secretive sexting and texting have become incredibly commonplace. Why? Think back to when you first fell in love, and remember the excitement and aliveness that you felt with your partner. They pre-occupied your thoughts, and […]