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Do THIS to Improve Your Marriage Today

Many marriage challenges can be resolved much easier than people think. Even the most stubborn relationship issues can change quickly. You simply need to know exactly what will help improve your situation and be willing to go do it. One of the reasons I’m so successful helping hundreds of couples  save their marriages, is that […]

3 Choices in Couple Communication

In my opinion and experience, the root cause of communication conflicts in marriage is due to a decreased feeling of connection between the two partners. And that cannot be improved by simply talking about it. Behaviors have to change in order for the feelings of connection to improve. Because many of our behaviors are habitual, we […]

Why Disappointment Helps Marriage Self-Destruct

Are you still “In Love” with your spouse?

In my private client work, I often see couples who are completely disconnected from each other.

There is no doubt that they have fallen out of love.

It wasn’t intentional.

Neither of them woke up one day and decided to fall out of love with the other.

It just happens.