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The #1 Cause of Divorce, Affairs and Unhappiness

First a reminder of the numbers: Each year over 2 million couples divorce in the United States. And 1 person in every 3 couples is right now having an affair. And thanks to technology there’s a huge increase in emotional affairs, with secretive texting and sexting outside the marriage. But here’s what may surprise you: […]

The Mirror Test and What Men Don’t Know

You already know that men and women often see things very differently. If you’ve read my book The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle, then you know there are some real differences between the roles that men and women have in sustaining couple communication, trust and intimacy. This isn’t something that most men will ever figure out. They […]

Why 2 Million Marriages Crash and Burn Each Year

No one is intentionally creating unhappiness in their marriage. It happens because people don’t have the skills needed to live and love happily ever after. Your marriage will model many of the behaviors that you saw in your parents’ interactions. That’s just a conditioned reality. That experience can be a recipe for success, or a […]

The Only 2 Real Marriage Issues to Fix

Having a great marriage isn’t a hard thing to do. Telling ourselves the truth is more difficult. And that’s what keeps people stuck in unhappy and unfulfilling marriages. You don’t how to have a happy marriage- This was an unpleasant truth that I had to tell myself years ago.  I really didn’t know what I […]

My Personal Plea to You About Your Partner’s Phone

Do Not Take Your Marriage For Granted It’s the Ok marriage that often leads to pain. I have to warn you. I am seeing an increase in clients who discover their partners are having sexting affairs. Just in case you don’t know, Sexting is the texting of images and/or words that are sexually explicit. Imagine […]

Lessons of Love; Benign Neglect

So people fall in love, get married, maybe have kids, and it’s happily ever after….right? That’s what I used to believe happened.   Now that I’m married….we’re good…not much more to do here. I’ve got a career to get to, a family to support, the marriage will take care of itself….right?   This is how […]

Unhappy Marriages are Hard, Fixing them is Easy

  Completely transforming a marriage is easy. Wanting to,… is another matter.   Do you know any couples that are in an unhappy or unsatisfying marriage? Why don’t they do something about it?   Here’s what they say: Can’t be bothered. Don’t care anymore. I’m used to it. It’s too much work. I don’t have […]