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Hidden Gems in Conflict Resolution

People can disagree and argue about almost anything, but there are only two real elements in conflicts: 1.  Who is more right? 2.  Who is more important? As you think about this for yourself and your partner, can you think of any other reason that your conflicts exist? It’s always going to be some version of […]

Will Valentine’s Day Ruin Your Relationship

What you may not know is that Valentine’s Day is the beginning of the end for many couples.   Here’s why: Many people evaluate the happiness and success of their marriages and romantic love-lives, based on whether or not their expectations for Valentine’s Day are met.   Valentine’s Day’s unmet expectations often turn into the final straw of […]

3 Reasons Your Marriage Isn’t Already Great

Not everyone is ready to hear the truth but here it is… If your marriage isn’t already great you’re making any of these 3 big mistakes: You don’t care enough.   When I work with couples I look for proof of deep caring. I look for actual evidence that people are willing to do whatever it takes to fix their […]

Where’s Your Proof of Love?

How do I know my wife loves me? Just because she says so…? Is that enough? What evidence in my life points to her loving me? And what keeps me in this relationship with her if she isn’t offering me substantial proof of her love for me? These are real questions. I want you to […]

5 Ways to End the Disappointment

Too many marriages are in crisis today. The number of client inquiries that I get about affairs and sexting continues to surprise me. Here are some easy things to do:  Get Access to Your Partner’s Phone I’ve talked about this before. If your partner is hesitant about giving you access I would take that as a […]

5 Real Reasons that Cause Couples to Separate

It’s easy to feel attracted to someone. But that doesn’t mean the relationship will last. When the feelings of connection start to diminish, the foundation of the relationship begins to crumble. Without an understanding of why that’s happening, or the right help, things are likely to get worse. Here are 5 Real Reasons Couples Separate: […]

Thanksgiving Wisdom for Your Marriage

It’s been an interesting 12 years of helping couples fix their marriages. I’ve seen pretty much anything you could ever imagine times 3. I’ve worked with swingers and swappers, open marriages, gay and lesbian relationships, and every type of physical and emotional affair possible. The common themes are all the same: People don’t know what […]

The #1 Cause of Divorce, Affairs and Unhappiness

First a reminder of the numbers: Each year over 2 million couples divorce in the United States. And 1 person in every 3 couples is right now having an affair. And thanks to technology there’s a huge increase in emotional affairs, with secretive texting and sexting outside the marriage. But here’s what may surprise you: […]