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More insights

Your Competitive Edge….Adversity

How is it going to serve you? Life can shake us to our core from time to time.  It can shatter our confidence about whether we can make it through the ugliness.  Have you been there?  Have you ever been at rock bottom in your life, feeling totally alone and empty? It can happen in […]

Ignore These 3 Things and Limit Your Life Success

But you would never do that… would you? Almost everyone wants more success in life. But we all have our own individual ideas about what that means.  What does success mean for you?  Do you measure it by financial terms; income, job title, fame, money the in bank, size of your house, or types of […]

3 Little Ways to Mess Up Any Marriage

Are you doing them? Where do we get our relationships skills?  Who teaches us how to have a passionate, loving, committed marriage?  Were your parents a good example of how to create an extraordinary relationship?  If you didn’t have a good role model, who did you learn from? If you’re like most couples today, you […]

Your Success Becomes What You Believe

Do you believe in yourself enough? Who sets the limits on what’s possible in your life?  What expert has the divine authority to tell you that you can’t do something? Records were made to be broken.  Barriers were built to be torn down.  The impossible happens every day by someone who didn’t get the message […]

Life Coaching…What’s It All About?

Do you need a Life Coach? Let’s face it. Along the road of life, we all hit a speed bump or two. Sometimes we  need help navigating over or around them so they don’t stop us in our tracks. Fact is, most of us seek advice from time to time. Informally we may consult with […]

Your Mindset for Success Matters

Listen to your heart, or someone else? I imagine as a child, or even as a teen that you had dreams to do something big in your life.  Did you achieve those dreams, or did you get sidetracked by someone else’s reality. My dream was to play major college football.  When I asked my high […]

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