Will Valentine’s Day Ruin Your Relationship?

Are you about to make the biggest mistake of your love life?

3 Easy Ways to Have a Happier Marriage

What you do every single day when you interact with your partner, is either helpful or not helpful, in creating a happy marriage.

The 3 Mistakes Struggling Couples Make

Mistakes are easily made in marriage. By both partners.

I’ve seen a lot of them over the past decade, and made many myself.

Creating Magic in Your Marriage 2017

2017 is calling your name, it’s reaching out to you. It wants to know, what changes you are going to make in your marriage.

Getting a Great Marriage the Easy Way…

Change always happens one thing at a time.

Even when I knew this was true, it was still hard for me to do because it seemed like so much was wrong with my marriage.

I was walking on egg shells around my wife, trying to avoid Another disagreement. They were happening far too often.