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What’s your standard for love and passion in your life? Then DO something to make it happen, don’t just settle.

Intimate Relationships and Marriages Need a Vision.

Without it people can get caught up in the smallness of busy stressed lives, and forget what really matters. Do you have a vision for the relationship you want to create? What are you working towards by being together?
Your relationship is either growing in love or eroding at the edges. People often hope things will get magically better without doing anything. That’s a recipe for disaster. If your relationship is struggling, do something… but only if it’s important to you.

Having relationship challenges and wish you could just get your partner to change?
Show them more appreciation and give them more attention. When you change positively towards them, they are much more likely to change positively towards you.

Many people want to change something in their relationships.
They read all about it and think about it, often for hours at a time. They even talk to their friends and family for advice. (Not usually a good idea) They think they’ve tried everything and wonder why nothing has changed.
Imagine trying to swim by reading everything you can on the subject and then contemplating it endlessly. Then one day you get thrown into the deep water. “Now swim” they tell you.
Your survival prospects are dim.
The change you want is not an intellectual process. Just like learning to swim, it must be experienced.
Are you willing to do what it takes to create the emotional experience you really want, or are you waiting for your partner to step up and save you?

Initiate Repair
In most marriage there are times when partners disappoint each other never realizing it. Imagine the fun if you apologized today! The greatest relationship difficulties can often be overcome when one person decides to give first instead of waiting for their partner to change.
We all have reasons why we do and don’t do things. We rationalize the most self-defeating things. They add up and keep us small. We lie deeply to ourselves sometimes.. Finding Courage stops it fast!
The missing ingredient in most stressed relationships is courage, not love.
It takes courage to go first and do the things that seems difficult… like apologize when you and your partner are at odds. It takes courage to give when you don’t want to.
It takes courage to put your relationship above your own interests. And it takes real courage to make your relationship incredible, because there will be many times when you might not feel like it.

Prioritize the Relationship
There are 101 things to do every day. There’s work and people and errands and kids and facebook and email and family and home responsibilities and working out and bills and my to do list… and that thing that I’ve been putting off and the list goes on and on….and when I get all of that done… Then I will give my attention to my wife/husband.
That’s how relationships unravel. Grab your partner and give them 100% of your focused attention for a few minutes every day. And become aware of what they really need from you.
You might be 90 totally focused seconds of attention away from completely restoring a deep connection in your relationship. It doesn’t take long. It just takes a willingness to go do it.

Are you really ready for peace and love in your relationship?
Many people are ready, but they need a reason.
Feelings of bitterness, hurt, disappointment, betrayal, or neglect can be so strong that they need a reason to see themselves and their relationship differently.
We all want happiness, love and peace, even our partner wants the same things. That common ground is a place to begin to build from. It gives us all a reason to re-engage with each other differently.
“I feel like I just want to smile all the time”. These were the words of a client in her 50’s whose smile was so contagious that I couldn’t help but say to her, “You must be in love”. She admitted she was, and she was lit up like a Christmas tree. She radiated happiness.
Do you remember a time when you were head over heels in love? When everything in your life was great even if it wasn’t? That’s what deeply connected love feels like. Their needs became your needs.

What good is being married?
The greatest key to overall life happiness by a factor of 5x over anything else is the success of your intimate relationship according to the latest global research.
When your relationship is rock solid, it can create an effective platform for calculated risk taking in business that leads to greater levels of success and abundance. About 90% of Billionaires are married because it’s a tremendous platform for wealth creation.
If your relationship is filled with uncertainty and stress, your emotional fitness becomes compromised leading to sub-par work place performance.
Realize thought that unhappiness can be the catalyst for transformation. It’s the willingness to go along with the status quo that keeps us stuck.

You Can Eliminate Your Relationship Stress… some people don’t want to.
Sometimes it’s easier to just have the status quo than it is to imagine that you could be happier and in a significantly more loving, fulfilling marriage. There are so many reasons not to change anything.
Maybe it sounds like a good idea but you are super busy. And who has the time to learn something new anyway? Some people just continue to be stressed out and struggle, and they stay stuck. They also often complain vigorously but do practically nothing to change their situation.
Will that be your story? Will that be your legacy?

Do you really know your partner? Are you really seeing THEM?
Do you think you really know your partner? If so, it’s limiting you!
Imagine that you are really seeing them for the first time and answer these questions from a place of genuine curiosity.
What is the most attractive quality about them?
What do they truly desire from you?

  • What can you do that will captivate their heart?
  • Have a renewed sense of curiosity, while dumping the story you tell yourself about them that you feel so certain about….it might just work wonders.
  • What can you learn new about them today?

Have a renewed sense of curiosity, while dumping the story you tell yourself about them that you feel so certain about….it might just work wonders.
What can you learn new about them today?

The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle,
The only guide you will ever need to making love last. It’s a must have book for people who truly want to elevate and improve their relationship.
I wrote this book so that people will know what works right away to resolve even the most difficult relationship challenges. It’s filled with extremely helpful ideas and client stories or relationship struggles. Tell a friend about it. It might just save someone’s marriage.
Why waste precious time being unhappy when there are things you can do right now, today, to change that?

Are you ready to explore your options for our relationship support?

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How Strong is Your Marriage?

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Let’s take an honest look at your current understanding about the dynamics that make for relationship success.

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How Strong is Your Marriage?

The Relationship Success Indicator

Let’s take an honest look at your current understanding about the dynamics that make for relationship success.

You have Successfully Subscribed!