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Great relationships are like going to the gym and staying fit. Doing what works once every few months isn’t going to cut it.

It’s up to you…
How many couples do you know that are lit up with happiness from their amazing marriages?

For most people the relationship picture isn’t pretty and stress levels are through the roof. You already know that the divorce rates are north of 50%. Very few people are in truly happy, loving, committed, and deeply connected relationships.


Based on my experience in the real world of providing relationship guidance to many successful executives and business professionals, it’s mostly because they don’t know what to do. Achieving business success and financial abundance does not mean that you know how to create an amazing marriage.

Here’s the bottom line…
Most people are not taught how to create a thriving, successful marriage. In order for this to happen, you had to have great role models, or figured it out on your own… which is rare. The level of day to day joy that your parents experienced together is probably something that you wanted to avoid at all costs.

Who were your role models for an amazing, happy, fulfilling marriage? Who showed you step by step what to do to keep love alive? Who taught you how men and women differ in all aspects of the relationship? Where did you learn how to resolve conflicts with your partner?

In my experience, most challenging marriages can be shifted quickly when the partners learn how to initiate and respond. It’s all part of Relationship Dynamics. It’s not difficult at all to grasp how to meet your partner’s needs and to get them to do the same for you. When you know what works and what doesn’t work, you save yourself from lots of stress.

Most marriages are lost the easy way…through lack of appreciation, misunderstanding communication, assuming bad intentions, and a shift of sexual chemistry.

Here’s a small sample of things you can do today to transform your relationship:

  • Stop doing anything and everything that is hurting your relationship. That takes some self-honesty.
  • Decide what you want your relationship to ultimately look like and take 100% responsibility for that vision starting now. What will be your role in achieving that vision?
  • Find ways to show your partner appreciation and give them your full attention when they need it. If you are paying attention, you will be able to give them what they really need, not what you think they might need or that you would like to have for yourself. Get curious about THEM. What do they want more than anything from you?
  • How certain is your partner that you love them and they are the most important thing in the world to you? How often do you show them?
  • Be more playful, lighthearted, fun and adventurous in your interactions. You’ll enjoy it and so will they. We all need to laugh more often. Who sets the tone for lightness and playfulness? Who initiates laughter and sensual teasing?
  • Initiate the repair of any disagreements or misunderstandings. That takes just a small amount of courage. If you are waiting on them, you are not only wasting precious time, but probably suffering as well.
  • Be the man or woman that you were at the beginning of the relationship. That you was good enough to attract them, and have them fall in love with you. Doing this can reignite passion where very little has existed. Again, this might take a bit of courage, but you have that.

When you get clarity about what to do, you can experience a freedom from stress that few people feel. I know because I have that clarity, and an amazing, deeply connected, fulfilling relationship with my wife. It wasn’t always that way until I figured out exactly what to do. If you read my book, The 90-Minute Marriage Miracle, you will also know what to do. You deserve the peace of mind that comes from that knowledge.

Some people rely on my guidance and insight to transform their specific situations. Others prefer to go it alone. You can check out our Products and Services here.

Marriages and relationships are just like most everything in life; they are either growing or dying. They are not staying the same. The partners are growing in love, or losing love. They are becoming more deeply connected, or becoming more separate. You get to decide which you prefer and what you want to do about it.

Your relationship will always reflect what you do and fail to do. Choose wisely. And remember, often what you don’t know, can and will be devastating to the relationship.

Want to avoid the results of what you don’t know? Find out the secrets of happy marriages here.

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How Strong is Your Marriage?

The Relationship Success Indicator

Let’s take an honest look at your current understanding about the dynamics that make for relationship success.

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How Strong is Your Marriage?

The Relationship Success Indicator

Let’s take an honest look at your current understanding about the dynamics that make for relationship success.

You have Successfully Subscribed!